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Patio Covers and Carports
South Texas is known for it's hot blistering summer days, and it's sudden torrential hail delivering thunder storms. Help protect your automobiles with a quality carport.

Business or residential, we can install a new
or replacement carport or patio covers.

The patio is a place for recreation right outside the house. Patio covers are built much like a carport canopy structure. Most of the time they are used with the same building materials. The patio cover canopy can be customized to each individual application and there are no two that are the same. Today, people are keeping there homes longer and there is a trend called "Outdoor Living" where people are taking to the outdoors for more living space.

Aluminum patio covers are popular because they require no maintenance. Unlike wood, aluminum will not rust, decay or become infested with insects. An aluminum patio cover provides shade for many years with minimal upkeep or maintenance. They are available in attached or free-standing models. You can choose from solid roof or an open lattice design or any combination.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) are available in 3, 4, or 6 inch thick panels. All of our panels are manufactured to industry standards and can be made to the exact length needed. They are pre-engineered to snap together saving valuable installation time and they offer a much lower thermal bridging then most other building materials.

We offer panel locking systems, which provide a strong structural component as well as preventing leaks. We offer SIPS with OSB board cladding, so we can attach standard shingles to the top surface to match an existing roof. SIPs have a high R-value that reduces energy costs, since they do not transfer heat though the panel. When it rains, it does not produce the pinging sounds you can get with the other roofing panels.

A patio cover can transform an ordinary looking cement patio into a luxurious, shady retreat where you can enjoy the beauty of your own yard. Your backyard oasis will become the first destination for the family when they need a break.
Whether it's Vinyl Siding, Replacement Windows, a New Roof,
Patio Covers or Carports that you need, we've got you covered.